Our coffee is to be admired – full bodied, rich aroma and yet smooth tasting, this pleasureable dark roast has subtle hints of cinnamon and dried fruits and ends with a chocolately-ness we fall in love with every time.


Our baristas strive to make coffee more delicious and make your every visit memorable. Our professional staff can help you get your coffee prefect and give you an overall pleasant experience every time.


A relaxing environment is critical to us and how we ensure a pleasant atmosphere for our customers. All our cafes are fitted out with power connections and wifi for workers that need a break from the office.

Coffee Spot Pakistan

Fresh Coffee All Day

Coffee Spot has been roasting and serving premium, fresh coffee for years. To ensure that you enjoy the highest quality coffee every time, we pack every order within 24 hours of roasting. Our team dedicate themselves to their art and love sharing their passion and knowledge of coffee with you. We hope that you visit us soon!

Coffee Spot staff are just the best. Everyone is so friendly and always give us the coffee exactly how we like it! As for your coffee, we've traveled substantially throughout Europe and can honestly say that Coffee Spot is as good or better than any we tried there. Please continue to give us the most wonderful experience into the future.

Our coffee shop is where the coffee beans are roasted as you order and you feel happy being served by well-trained baristas from different parts of the world, and ordering a fresh baked dessert of the day alongside your coffee.

Coffee Spot, whose atmosphere you will fall in love with as much as the tastes, will do your heart good with its fragrance the second you set foot inside.



Has your mind been overwhelmed by the smell and taste of coffee? We know how you feel!
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